Tire processing industry

Tire processing industry

The rapid development of the tire manufacturing industry in the context of the rapid development of the automobile industry, with the tire market continues to expand and consumers to improve the quality of the tire, for tire manufacturers, high standards and efficient production system has become Very important. Hallelujah belt offers economical and practical PVC tire processing conveyor belt, high performance PU tire processing conveyor belt. Hallelujah belt through the extrusion process for the tire processing performance more excellent conveyor belt.

Extrusion and scraper production:

Extrusion of the coating produced by the coating and the coating compared to the coating, its high density, uniform thickness, high tensile strength, oil resistance, wear resistance is more excellent.

Advantages of high performance tire processing conveyor belts:

Cotton for the surface structure, such as mixed with rubber raw rubber can be a good fusion with the rubber, cotton heat can be used as rubber reinforced powder.
PU conveyor belt is made of thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer material, non-vulcanized structure, hot plastic, and raw rubber fusion is good, small phase structure, such as silica gel, vulcanized rubber and raw rubber fusion of the shortcomings of the potential and the potential of the tire The harm.