Type & SizeAs the demands of customers    Self Tracking Belt for Robot
CordsSteel wire/ Kevlar/Nylon
ColorWhite/black/green/ blue
MaterialPU/Rubber/Steel reinforced /Fabric etc.
Processing punch/slot/pattern/block/guide bar/profile
Mechanical properties 1).Less damage to the ground surface

2).Low noise

3).High running speed

4).Less vibration;

5).Low ground contack specific pressure

6).High tractive force

7).Light weight

Chemical properties1.Aging proof, waterproof, prevent UVA, Ozone-resistant,

2.Operating temperature: +30°C to + 80°C + 110°C short period of time can withstand the highest

3.Highly resistant to oil, oil ester

4.Acid and alkali corrosion resistance

CoatingPU timing belts can be manufactured with special coatings, in order to fit many applications with different requirements

such as, red rubber, Linatex, APL, PU .etc